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Sorry, but this site is under construction.
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I have been working on the site when I have the time to set aside for it. Currently I am focusing on the menu bar above. Trying to make a way to enable or disable certain features at will while I work on them, and then flipping them to active when ready. I think I have figured a way to do it.

Today I also decided to add the banner, from our Facebook Group, to the top of the page. That is our logo, and it only makes sense to have it here as well. It's like our brand.

I do have an email set up if anyone wishes to email me directly. Whether it's for a question, suggestion, or if you only want to say "hello"... Just send it to the mailbox of Kong at this domain.

Next Project:

Members section to build a personal profile to share with other users. Focus is to create a directory to attempt to bring local pilots together. Your address will be requested to aid in this. It will also be used for when we do something like a giveaway. Creating a member profile will not be required, but it would make sense if you want to utilize all areas of the site as they come online. Full address will NOT be visible to other members. Only your State will be visible. If I can figure out geolocation, then that will be the way to go.

Other forms of contacting other users will be avaiable as well. Facebook page, Twitter feeds, Instagram, and expecially your YouTube Channel. If you don't have one yet, I suggest you make one and start uploading your awesome skills for all to admire! We would like to help you boost your subscriber count.

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