Name: Scott
Alias: Beegz-FPV

His Story...

Scott has always had in interest in flying in general since his teenage years in the hobby of RC back in the early to mid 90's. AFter building a couple of planes, like the Great Planes' Goldberg Piper J3 Cub and an Ugly Stik, the hobby was put on pause due to lack of funds and discouragement from the crashes.

After many years, the "itch" for flying was still inside. Always had a passion for heli's, but again this part of the hobby could be rather expensive. Then it just so happened that airing on ESPN one day was the races for DRL. That was it! Quads were the way to go.

After saving up for quite some time and getting to know a couple people on facebook, it came in to reality. Joined several groups. Learned where to get gear and supplies from. Made even more friends, including Ben as well.

Scott starting flying a cheap tiny whoop class quad inside the house during the spring of 2019. Knowing that the ultimate goal was an expensive one, he decided to test the waters and make sure it's something that he'd stick with. After flying Line of Sight (LOS) in the livingroom, it was time to expand the gear. Next purchase was the Taranis radio with a multiprotocol module, a Beetle v2 camera, and some FPV goggles.

In June, he built his first 5" quad running on 4s. Taught himself how to fly that in Acro Trainer mode during the first week of July. Despite the crutch of the trainer mode, it was later removed rather quickly. Thanks to Anthony Gobeil, for letting him fly his own quad, gave him the confidence needed to go full Acro.

Name: Ben
Alias: Lunchbox

As a young child I’ve always had an interest in tech and hands on building. There is not better to fill this void that R/C hobbies. I was alway getting in trouble with the parents for what I called “improving” an new toy.

The older I got the more costly “toys” were. I flew small planes and helicopters from the department stores for a while and that did t fill the need for flying. As time went on they came out with drones. I’ve had several auto fly drones before getting into FPV. The self fliers just do it for me. It wasn’t the flying I wanted.

I watched tons of FPV on YouTube and was hooked. I want this, I want to fly with this freedom! Built my first quad in May of 2019 and never looked back. I have build Cinewhoops, 3” freestyle, 5” freestyle. I’m not a racer so I haven’t built one yet. I like unique and odd builds, something that makes the brain think.

My style of flying is more freestyle and crushing. It’s all about that epic footage.

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